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Fleet of Cars for Hire in Uganda – Brands, Types and Models of Vehicles to Rent in Uganda

Cheap Self Drive Uganda company has got a fleet of cars for hire in Uganda from which a client can select the best to suit his or her travel plans. Are you going on a business trip or safari in Uganda? We have got you covered with our wide range of fleet of cars for hire in Kampala. It doesn’t matter which destination you want to visit because we know all the roads in the country and the type car that suits each road. All you have to do is contact us and we shall arrange for you the best car in Uganda.

Fleet of Cars for Hire in UgandaFleet of cars for hire in Uganda comes both is 4×4 wheel cars and 2wheel drive cars. We have both small SUV’s for rental in Uganda and big SUV ready to go on the road. We also have family cars that can carry more than six people. Our fleet of cars for rental in Uganda is arranged in away that you can rent for self drive Uganda use or car hire with a driver. We do provide car hire Uganda with rooftop tent services and you can select a big SUV from our fleet and we shall give it to you.

Some of the cars that we have in our fleet include;

4×4 Toyota Rav4

4x4 Toyota Rav4 Hire in Uganda4×4 Toyota Rav4 is a small SUV car that is suitable for both town service and long distance use. Its also great for safari because its raised has got 4heel drive. We have got both automatic RAV4 and manual Rav4 and these can be rented either with a driver or on a self drive Uganda basis. We have got both small (3 door) 4×4 Toyota Rav4 and big (5 door) Rav4. From as low as $40 per day, you can hire a 4×4 Rav4 in Uganda with us.

Go on and hire a 4×4 Toyota Rav4 in Uganda with us today!

4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser TX/TZ

Land Cruiser Prado TX Rental4×4 Toyota Land cruiser TX/TZ is another big SUV in our fleet of cars for hire in Uganda. This comfortable car is amazingly strong on the road and its ideal for both business trips and safaris to the national parks. We have got mainly automatic 4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado TX/TZ and these are easy to drive on the Ugandan roads. We do hire them on a self drive Uganda basis and Prado rental with a driver. Do you plan to travel with your family in Uganda? This 4×4 land cruiser Prado is the best choice especially if you want to save some money on your trip.

Go on and rent a 4×4 Toyota Land cruiser TX/TZ in Uganda with us!

4×4 land Cruiser V8/VX

4x4 Land Cruiser V8 Rental UgandaDo you want extra comfort while on the road? Hiring a 4×4 Land Cruiser V8/VX is the best choice you can make. This big 4×4 SUV car is strong and can be used both for safaris in Uganda and business trips. It’s strong and perfect choice for clients interested in crossing the border to neighboring countries because it doesn’t break easily and its steadier on the road. We have automatic 4×4 land cruiser V8/VX for hire in Uganda from as low as $80 per day. You can rent this car with a driver or you can hire for self drive use in Uganda and other countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Congo.

Go on and hire a 4×4 Land Cruiser V8/VX in Uganda with us today!

4×4 Land Cruiser GX

4X4 Land Cruiser GX is another car in our fleet and it’s a strong SUV with enough space and comfortable to drive. We have only manual land cruiser GX and these are ideal for long safaris to the parks and can also be sued on a business or family trip. Hire the land cruiser GX in Uganda with a driver or self drive at a low price at any time of the year. From as low as $80 per day, we can give you this strong car.

Book a 4×4 Land Cruiser GX in Uganda with us today!

4×4 Safari Land Cruiser Extended

Safari Land Cruiser Hire UgandaAre you planning to go on a safari to Uganda? The best car you can use is a 4×4 safari Land cruiser Extended. This car offers more space and it comfortable to use on rough roads. Enjoy wildlife viewing on a game drive in a safari land cruiser extended by sitting on top while going through the thick tracks of the park. This car offers extra amenities like charging points, a fridge and a popup roof. We do not allow hiring the 4×4 safari land cruiser on a self drive basis. However, you can rent with a driver guide from our company and he will take you to any part of your choice in Uganda and other countries in East Africa.

Go on and hire a 4×4 safari land cruiser extended in Uganda with us!

Other types of cars in our fleet you can hire with us include; 4×4 Toyota land cruiser hardtop, 4×4 safari van, super custom, saloon cars, mini buses and jeep cars. It’s a matter of you contacting us and telling us what you want and we shall give it to you.

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