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Top 5 activities at Queen Elizabeth National Park

activities at Queen Elizabeth National Park

Well there are several fun filled activities at queen Elizabeth National Park, conducted by a professional tour guide. These activities are the best opportunity for you and your loved ones to behold the stunning landscapes of this wonderful National park, bestowed handsomely with wildlife.

Queen Elizabeth National Park is located in south western Uganda, its renowned location being Kasese District. It harbors several distinctive wildlife species on its massive 764 square miles of brilliant topography.

Exploring a great deal of these species is through the well-coordinated activities that you could choose to participate in with your loved ones. They are quite many but the following are the most exciting

The best activities at Queen Elizabeth National Park

Game drives

activities at Queen Elizabeth National Park

This a fun filled way of observing wildlife, where tourists are moved in comfortable safari vehicles viable for game drive activities at Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Cars used for game drives at Queen Elizabeth that we rent out for self drive Uganda safaris and the chauffeured adventures, are characterized as strong 4X4 vehicles with great performances on both the tarmac and off road tracks in this national park. They have wide clear windows and the pop up roof feature, giving you clear and extended views of wildlife in the park.

Game drives at Queen Elizabeth are done in the early mornings, in the afternoons and in the night. These are the best times to spot the park’s animals in plenty, as they forage for food and line up on water sources to wash up and quench their thirst.

While on board, expect to have uncensored views of the elephants, buffalos, lions, leopards, antelopes, the Ugandan Kobe, the black and white colobus monkeys, giraffes and zebras.

Chimpanzee trekking

activities at Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth is one of the few Ugandan National Parks where tourists can have an exhilarating experience of trekking chimpanzees in their natural habitats. This guided activity is done in the Kyambura gorge in the early mornings and in the afternoon.

The Kyambura gorge, famously known as the valley of apes is covered with these primates’ chatters, and the sounds get clearer on getting closer. Well this gorge harbors over 70 chimpanzees in its green thatched topography.

Chimpanzee Trekking is arguably the key attraction in Queen Elizabeth National Park. Engaging in this guided activity requires you to purchase a Chimpanzee trekking permit at UWA. This costs UGX 50,000 for East African citizens, $80 for foreign Residents and $100 for the foreign Nonresidents.

As you trek through this densely vegetated Gorge, the travel guide keeps on providing detailed insights on the various kinds of wildlife encountered, as well as providing time for taking snaps. When these primates are met, the guide makes sure you have clear and uncensored views of these primates, but at a safe distance.

The Trekking usually takes about 3 hours, but that hugely depends on the weather conditions at Queen Elizabeth National Park. You should denote that this activity needs you to be fit enough to keep a steady pace as you seek these chimps in their natural habitat. 

Boat cruise

This scintillating escapade across the Kazinga channel is one of the most amazing activities at Queen Elizabeth National Park. It’s done in the morning hours and in the late afternoons.

The boat cruise is done in capacious vessels that seat a maximum of 20 tourists per shift. They are well built with a roof and the seats are arranged in a way that gives y’all the chance to clearly view the wildlife at the banks of the Kazinga channel.

Kazinga channel is the stream that passes through this National Park, connecting Lake Edward and Lake George. It’s a densely populated stream around its banks with hippos and crocodiles being the most prominent semi-aquatic animals occupying the deck.

Besides them are the buffalos, antelopes, African elephants, zebras, numerous bird species and so many more wildlife observed washing up and quenching thirst at the channel along your boat cruise safaris.

This calm sail across the Kazinga channel gives you an astounding opportunity to take priceless pics with your loved ones of the beauty the park portrays across the waters. The guide gives you all the commentary across your sail, explaining each and everything you need to know about this amazing activities at Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Engaging in the boat cruise safaris in Queen Elizabeth National Park goes for UGX 20,000 for the East African citizens, $15for the Foreign residents and $20 for the foreign Nonresidents.

Lion Tracking

activities in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Lion tracking is best experienced in the plains of Kasenyi in the Ishasha sector of the Park. It’s an interesting activity that’s exclusive to a limited number of people engaging in it every day.

It is done inside safari cars with a pop up roof and clear wide windows. These cars are driven by a professional driver who in most scenarios is the guide for this lion tracking activity. This is the safest and only way of engaging in this amazing activities at Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Tracking these tree climbing wild cats is in the early mornings and in the evenings, led by a professional guide across the savannah plains of Queen Elizabeth National Park. These lions move in prides consisting of about 3-20 and can be clearly spotted as you track them in the safari cars.

As the tracking goes on, the driver parks at the most ideal points of taking photos of the parks’ stunning landscapes and the wild cats. There are other animals you are entitled to encounter on these tracking such as the antelopes, bush bucks and many more.

Lion tracking costs UGX 200,000 for East African citizens, whereas the foreign residents pay $150 and foreign nonresidents pay $200.

Hot air balloon safaris

This is an immense experience for you and your loved ones as you fly over this wildlife endowed park. It’s a flight in a hot air balloon with a seating capacity of up to 16 passengers including the guide.

This flight exclusive to only Queen Elizabeth National Park and Murchison Falls National Park in the Ugandan wildlife conservation areas. Travelers begin off this adventure in the early mornings by 6 am. Breakfast is organized on the flight and is served while you and your travel associates are having elevated scenes of this National Park.

There’s plenty of wildlife to observe on this 2 hour flight across the plains of Kasenyi, along the Kazinga channel, in the Kyambura Gorge and across the innumerable wildlife spots in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

This hot air balloon safari costs $380 per person.

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